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Applications may be printed or downloaded to a computer from the Tenant Tab under Printable Lease Application choice or http://preciserentals.com/contentManager/leaseApplication.pdf.  Each adult over the age of 18 regardless of marital or familial status must complete an application for screening. Information regarding minors must be included but they require no processing. 


We strictly follow the Federal and State Fair Housing Laws.


A completed application will include the following:

  1. All completed applications for all future residents of the property. Please be sure to sign the applications on the last page.
  2. There is an application fee of $45 for each applicant. This must be in secured funds; cashier’s check or money order. No cash or personal checks can be accepted.
  3. Each applicant must include a copy of their photo identification; driver’s license, State issued identification card, passport, military issued identification, etc.
  4. Reliable documentation for your income must be provided.
  5.  All pets of any kind must be disclosed. If allowed, there will be restrictions, conditions and additional security deposits.  Please see below for the security deposit fees. A picture of each pet is required.
  6.  All vehicles of any kind must be disclosed.


Once an application is submitted, the property will no longer be shown although it will continue to be marketed. Applications take up to three business days to process. Once approval is given, the accepted candidate will have 2 business days to make arrangements to sign a rental agreement and will pay ½ the security deposit. This is non-refundable and must be paid in secured funds; cashier’s check or money order. Once move in has occured, the deposit will become potentially fully refundable.



  1. Credit:  A credit check will be done for each applicant. Minimally a credit score of 550 is expected.
  2. Criminal:  Both a criminal data base search and a sex offender search are done.
  3. Income:  The total gross income from all applicants must minimally be equal to 2 ½ - 3 times the amount of the rent. This can change due to a number of circumstances including but not limited to lower credit scores, lack of credit scores, etc.
  4. Employment: Must show verifiable employment.
  5. Rental History:  A satisfactory rental history search will include no evictions, property damage, outstanding rents owed, etc.

All tenants must carry an insurance policy to cover their belongings. A copy of this is required prior to move in.


Any utilities that are a tenant’s responsibility must be placed in the tenant’s name on the date of move in and account numbers must be provided.


Full first month's rent and remaining security deposit are required upon move in and are payable in secured funds; cashier’s check or money order. After the first funds, a tenant has the privilege of paying by personal check unless revoked due to insufficiently funded checks or late payment.


Pets may be approved with an additional security deposit per pet along with the property owner's permission.  Certain restrictions on size and breed may apply.  The additional security deposits for pets are listed below.

  • Caged animals such as ferrets, mice, rats, etc. - $500
  • Cats - $300
  • Dogs:
    • up to 15 lbs - $250
    • 16-30 lbs - $350
    • 31-45 lbs - $400
    • 46-60 lbs - $450
    • 61- 75 lbs - $500
    • 76-90 lbs - $600
    • over 90 lbs - $700


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